A multidisciplinary team for the management of oral cancer: a project called MoMax



Introduction: Currently, the management of cancer, from the detection of clinical and radiographic characteristics to the final diagnosis and treatment, is becoming more complex. The Multidisciplinary Team Care (MDTC) approach has become the care model for cancer patients worldwide. The MDTC approach is a tool to improve the survival rate of cancer patients by providing them with the best treatment plan for the prevention and/or the treatment of adverse events.

Materials and methods: This paper describes the management algorithm of our MDTC called Mo-Max (Oral Medicine and Maxillofacial Surgery) at the Department of Oral and Maxillo-Facial Sciences, “Sapienza”, University of Rome.

Discussion and Conclusions: The efficacy of MDTC on oral cancer (OC) management in the literature is still elusive due to the absence of a consistent definition for MDTC, the complexity of the management of OC, the non-effective construction and nature of the multidisciplinary team and the poor communication between different cancer centres nationally and internationally. To date, the MoMax project has yielded good results in shortening the time of managing patients with OC and increasing good patient therapeutic compliance. Further research is needed to achieve a distinctive definition and principles of MDTC for OC patients and to analyse efficacy, costs and time delay.

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U. Romeo

G. Tenore

A. Cassoni

F. Rocchetti

A. Mohsen

G. Pompa

V. Valentini

A. Polimeni

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Romeo , U., Tenore , G., Cassoni , A., Rocchetti , F., Mohsen , A., Pompa , G., Valentini , V., & Polimeni , A. (2022). A multidisciplinary team for the management of oral cancer: a project called MoMax. Annali Di Stomatologia, 9(3), 134–140.