Resolution of endodontic issues linked to complex anatomy



Anatomical abnormalities of the root canal system are frequently seen in specialist endodontic practice, and represent a challenge to be faced with skill and thoroughness, beginning with an accurate diagnostic phase and devising the most appropriate treatment plan. Fortunately, much progress has been made in endodontic research thanks to technological advances and the evolution of higher performance instruments, which now consent even very complex cases to be resolved with relative ease. Below are described the salient features of recent progress in endodontics, along with a description of several clinical cases in which the operator has encountered numerous difficulties due to peculiar tooth morphology, overcome successfully thanks to the application of modern tools and consolidated clinical experience in the field.

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G. Migliau

E. Pepla

L. K. Besharat

L. Gallottini

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Migliau , G., Pepla , E., Besharat, L. K., & Gallottini , L. (2022). Resolution of endodontic issues linked to complex anatomy. Annali Di Stomatologia, 5(1), 34–40.

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