Cognitive experience of oral cancer among young people of “Sapienza” University of Rome



Aims: the aim of this study was to analyse the awareness of oral cancer among young adults in the city of Rome.

Materials and methods: during the orientation period for new graduates students, or “Porte aperte“, organised by the Sapienza University of Rome in July 2009 and 2010, a survey among young people regarding their knowledge on the risk factors, the importance of early diagnosis, and the methods for primary and secondary prevention of oral cancer was conducted. A total of 1125 questionnaires were administered to subjects who agreed to respond to assess the level of knowledge of the disease.

Results: only 45.3% of the sample population was aware of the existence of oral cancer; among these individuals, 36.9% did not perceive seriousness of the malignancy. High school students who attended a scientific high school knew the risk factors better than the students who attended classical and technical high school.

Conclusions: rigorous educational programs along with diagnostic strategies promise to reduce the burden of oral cancer. The data obtained from this study highlight the need to increase health education, especially among young people in humanistic or technical high schools and universities (Classical High School, Technical Institutes, Faculty of Letters, Faculty of Law) where there is a lack of knowledge concerning oral cancer prevention.

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L. Ottolenghi

U. Romeo

F. Carpenteri

S. Fiorentini

D. Boatta

A. R. Vestri

E. Barbato

A. Polimeni

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Ottolenghi, L., Romeo , U., Carpenteri , F., Fiorentini , S., Boatta , D., Vestri , A. R., Barbato , E., & Polimeni , A. (2022). Cognitive experience of oral cancer among young people of “Sapienza” University of Rome. Annali Di Stomatologia, 3(3-4), 106–112.

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