Awareness of risks related to oral piercing in Italian piercers. Pilot study in Lazio Region



Objective. Specific regulations about education and training for body piercing licensure courses have to be considered due to the great increase in oral piercing practices. The aim of the present survey was to assess the local and systemic risk awareness in the practice of oral piercing and their prevention in a sample of Italian piercers.

Materials and methods. An anonymous 20-item questionnaire was administered to 30 body licensed piercers in a small town of central Italy. Licenses certificates were issued by Lazio Region after the completion of an approved training program for standard body piercing including 90 hours of course and a final examination as provided by regional law. The questionnaire surveyed on oral cavity anatomy, local and systemic risks as result of oral piercing, piercing maintenance and need of a dental visit.

Results. Response rate was 66.6%. Only 20% of respondents was aware about oral cavity anatomy and none had knowledge about tongue and gums anatomy. Only 10% enlightened the need of a dental visit and 30% was aware about piercingrelated temporary paralysis. The piercing maintenance was habitually proposed only by 40% of respondents.

Conclusion. The study participants showed a low level of awareness regarding the potential health risks of oral piercing. Poor knowledge of anatomy and local and systemic risks and poor awareness of the importance of piercing maintenance explanation.

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I. Vozza

F. Fusco

E. Bove

F. Ripari

D. Corridore

L. Ottolenghi

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Vozza, I., Fusco, F., Bove , E., Ripari , F., Corridore , D., & Ottolenghi , L. (2022). Awareness of risks related to oral piercing in Italian piercers. Pilot study in Lazio Region. Annali Di Stomatologia, 5(4), 128–130. Retrieved from

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